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Breaking news for the X-Phile

I got this from an upcoming ep in season 8 the ep is called 'A dream whose sleep'

From anon sources :

The episode seems to open (post-teaser) with Scully taking her leave of The X-Files and Agent Doggett. I'm not sure what to make of all this, but she gives Doggett the Apollo 11 medallion Mulder gave her in Max/Tempus Fugit, telling him she thinks that he should have it. He asks what it means, and she tells him it's a symbol for teamwork -- that "no one gets there alone." She thanks him for what he's done for her, saying she would have never made it through the past year without him. She moves toward him in what starts
as an awkward hug but holds for a second before she starts to leave. Doggett tries to confirm with her that her "leave" is just a pregnancy leave. He asks her, "you are coming back eventually...right?" Scully looks at him thoughtfully and then "smiles enigmatically" because she doesn't know what to say. And then she's gone. Later, there is a snippet of a scene for which we have no context -- it is Scully's apartment and she opens the door. Mulder is there, and he asks her "Ready to go?" She replies that she is. I have no idea where they're going or what this is all about, but it seems like they're setting up for something.

-Haven for the FBI's most unwanted



Here's two new pictures of Mulder and Scully.The top one is them while they talk to each other about their future. I'm not sure what's happening in the bottom pic though :(.I'm also not sure when either episodes will be aired! Sorry.


There will be a new agent added to the show! Special Agent Monica Reyes. She will be assisting Scully and Doggett in the three parter and help search for Mulder. She appearently has a history with Doggett and will share a little on his past!
Below is a new picture of Agent Reyes


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